In Africa, as in many other parts of the world, access to clean drinking water is a pressing issue that confronts not only the local people, but also visitors such as us.  Rather than rely on bottled water (which, in addition to being expensive, uses resources and creates waste), which we would prefer to avoid, we decided early on that we would purify water as we went along, using a gravity filter and chemical tablets.  Each of these methods works, but a gravity filter takes quite a bit of time, and chemical tablets leave a bad aftertaste.

So we were very excited to hear that Nate had been contacted by LIFESAVER, a company that developed a filtration system which allows large quantities of water to be purified without the use of chemicals.  The filter will remove all microbiological waterborne pathogens, and is contained in a solidly built jerrycan which dispenses purified water through a tap.

Learning about LIFESAVER’s jerrycans was in itself great news, but LIFESAVER went above and beyond by not only offering to give us two jerrycans to bring on our trip, but having them shipped to us directly in Budapest on short notice.  The efforts of Bud Fultz and James Papineau at LIFESAVER were greatly appreciated, especially since we were heading straight for the parched Sahara and would use the jerrycans right from the start.  In fact, we first filled the jerrycans at a gas station in Ceuta, just before crossing the border into Morocco.


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